Zid (2014) (DVD Rip) - New BollyWood Movies

Zid (2014) (DVD Rip) - New BollyWood Movies
Movie name : Zid (2014) (DVD Rip)

Category name : New BollyWood Movies

Stars : Shradha DasMohan KapoorMannara

Genre : Thriller

Description : Zid movie is about a guy who is a playboy and he goes to a beach house for his news report and there is a girl and they meet and fell in love and the this girl is pretty serious about the relationship but the boy is not and he thinks it just a passing affair and the girl has a sister and the girl tells her sister about her love but what she doesn't know that her sister is having a relationship with this boy and one day she sees them both in inappropriate condition and now the girl is mad and she seeks revenge.

Length : Mins

Total views : 211200

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