Tumhari Sulu (2017) (DVD Rip) - New BollyWood Movies

Tumhari Sulu (2017) (DVD Rip) - New BollyWood Movies
Movie name : Tumhari Sulu (2017) (DVD Rip)

Category name : New BollyWood Movies

Stars : Vidya BalanNeha DhupiaManav Kaul

Genre : ComedyDrama

Description : Vidya Balan (Sulochana a.k.a. Sulu) essays the role of a beautiful, enthusiastic and happy-go-lucky Mumbai housewife whose routine life changes when she unexpectedly lands herself with the exciting job of a night RJ (radio jockey) on a leading radio station.

Length : 150 Mins

Total views : 190467

  (29 votes, average: 7.8620689655172 out of 10)

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