204 Triple Trouble (Tom & Jerry) (1975) - Tom & Jerry

204  Triple Trouble (Tom & Jerry) (1975) - Tom & Jerry
Movie name : 204 Triple Trouble (Tom & Jerry) (1975)

Category name : Tom & Jerry

Stars :

Genre : AnimationFamilyComedy

Description : Triple Trouble (PC 80-36): Tom and Jerry try to chop down a tree for a log cabin, but the squirrel who lives in the tree convinces them not to; the three of them then have to contend with Spike, who's bulldozing trees to make room for a freeway. The Bull Fighters (PC 80-41): In Mexico, Tom and Jerry save the live of a bull called Toro the Terrible, who promises to be their friend for life; later, Tom finds himself being a bullfighter against Toro. At first Tom and Toro put on a show for the crowd, with neither actually hurting the other, but then Toro is replaced by a fiercer bull named El Rotteno. Cruise Kitty (PC 80-46): The captain of a cruise liner puts mascot Spike in charge of security, and Tom and Jerry are accidental stowaways on the ship; Spike keeps trying to call the captain's attention to them, but keeps failing to prove their presence.

Length : 7 Mins

Total views : 2779

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