198 Chickenrella (Tom & Jerry) (1975) - Tom & Jerry

198  Chickenrella (Tom & Jerry) (1975) - Tom & Jerry
Movie name : 198 Chickenrella (Tom & Jerry) (1975)

Category name : Tom & Jerry

Stars :

Genre : AnimationFamilyComedy

Description : Chickenrella (PC 80-32): After falling asleep reading Cinderella, Tom and Jerry dream themselves into the story, helping Cindy and her blundering fairy godmother (who briefly turns the girl into a chicken, hence the title). Double Trouble Crow (PC 80-33): Corn farmers Tom and Jerry try to get rid of a crow who's intent on devouring their crops; it later turns out that they were dealing with a whole family of lookalike crows. Jerry's Nephew (PC 80-44): Jerry's nephew Dinky (who refers to both Tom and Jerry as his uncles) has come for a visit, and the duo are run ragged trying to keep him out of danger.

Length : 7 Mins

Total views : 1961

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