182 Planet Pest (Tom & Jerry) (1975) - Tom & Jerry

182  Planet Pest (Tom & Jerry) (1975) - Tom & Jerry
Movie name : 182 Planet Pest (Tom & Jerry) (1975)

Category name : Tom & Jerry

Stars :

Genre : AnimationFamilyComedy

Description : See Dr. Jackal and Hide (PC 80-35): Dr. Jackal is working on a formula to make short people tall, but when he tests it on himself, he transforms into a monster, causing his assistants Tom and Jerry to run for their lives. This cartoon is a spoof of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Planet of the Dogs (PC 80-43): Running from Spike, Tom and Jerry find themselves on a NASA rocket headed for the planet Dogstar; the canine inhabitants of the planet are being brainwashed by a giant talking idol into believing that cats and mice are their enemies. This cartoon is a parody of Planet of the Apes. The Campout Cutup (PC 80-45): While camping, Tom and Jerry are bedeviled by a mosquito who resists their attempts to get rid of him.

Length : 7 Mins

Total views : 2133

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