118 High Steaks (Tom & Jerry) (1962) - Tom & Jerry

118  High Steaks (Tom & Jerry) (1962) - Tom & Jerry
Movie name : 118 High Steaks (Tom & Jerry) (1962)

Category name : Tom & Jerry

Stars : Allen Swift

Genre : FamilyAnimationShort

Description : Tom's owner is having a cookout. Jerry sees this, and develops a taste for steak himself, but Tom stops him with a barbecue fork. They fence with forks. Jerry sends Tom flying toward the human; Tom spears him in the rear, and his master clamps Tom's head in the hot grill basket. Jerry tries to sneak up underneath a badminton shuttlecock; Tom spots him, and slams the birdie into the net, where it rebounds into the human's mouth and Jerry falls out. The man slams the racket onto Tom's head. Jerry next fires a soda bottle over Tom's head and onto the grill; Tom gets a fizzy mouthful of soda as punishment. Finally, the man is eating; Tom starts grilling a steak, but Jerry jams Tom's tail into the grill. When Tom realizes his tail is on fire, he starts running, crashing into the man, then diving into the pool. The man rescues Tom from drowning, then clobbers him (off screen) and ties him to the chaise longue. Jerry drags Tom into the street and hooks him onto the bumper of a passing car; wi

Length : 7 Mins

Total views : 1349

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