Sarhad (1995) (WebRip) - Bollywood Movies

Sarhad (1995) (WebRip) - Bollywood Movies
Movie name : Sarhad (1995) (WebRip)

Category name : Bollywood Movies

Stars : Raj BabbarFarha NaazDeepak Tijori

Genre : ActionCrimeDrama

Description : Kundecha is a wealthy industrialist as well as the owner of around 40 branches of Kundecha Coop. Bank Ltd. He has booked all the lockers in all his banks branches and does not let any member of the public rent them. If anyone opposes his policy he reduces them to ashes through one of his gizmo's. One day he comes to a branch run by Mr. Chiklia to empty some of his lockers. Mr. Chiklia is not available but one of the pretty bank employee is, Sandhya Mathur. She immediately recognizes Kundecha and follows his instructions. Kundecha is fascinated by her beauty, and in his haste to depart, he drops a package behind. Sandhya picks it up and takes it home, only to have a rat gnaw through it and die. Her husband, Prakash, comes to know it is cocaine and reports it to the police. The next day the police officer disappears; Kundecha would like Sandhya to have sex with him, and if not her family will be killed. Faced with these dire prospects, Prakash, Sandhya, their daughter, Munni, and Prakash

Length : 134 Mins

Total views : 696

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